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Announcement – Michael Hurley, The Places, Ralph White, and Dang Head Concert at Sliding Door Gallery – Tuesday August 28 @ 8 pm

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Michael Hurley


“Michael Hurley is the last unreconstructed folkie-shaman in America. Like many characters in his songs, his voice seems to have been run over by the dump truck of life, but it marries human mystery to forthright music like no other.” Milo Miles, NPR Music Critic

“When Townes Van Zandt died last year, Michael Hurley suddenly stood alone as the last great unsung hero of American folk music.  Astute critics seized upon his few performances to laud him as a lost master of incomparable songwriting skills.  Since recording his debut for Folkways in 1965, the twisted troubadour has released well over a dozen albums of unwavering quality, sauntering through a distinctive pastiche of blues, country and folk styles.”–Richard Martin, Chicago Reader


 The Places’ Amy Annelle is a tough one to pin down. A “brilliant desert troubadour with a dark and compelling vision” (Brian Baker, Amplifier Magazine), she lives on the road as often as not, touring and recording with friends, staying everywhere from a tiny high desert town to a flophouse on the Bowery, and picking up work as laborer, forest ranger and carny.  Her maverick folk music, too, shies away from convention. Over the course of six acclaimed albums and hundreds of live shows, she’s created a heavy, feral and beautiful body of work that “straddles the fence between the organic and the atmospheric” (Rolling Stone). Her recently released sixth album, Songs For Creeps (High Plains Sigh), is a Billboard Magazine Critic’s Choice/Ten Best Albums of 2006. Annelle has been accompanied on her recording and touring odysseys by many talented souls, most recently the multi-instrumentalist Ralph White (Jandek, Michelle Shocked).


One of our foremost instrumentalists and a true hidden American treasure, Ralph White’s inspired pursuit of the ancient roots of music on fiddle, banjo, accordion and kalimba has taken a decidedly non-academic route. The “folk/noise/avant-whatever genius” (Joe Gross, Austin 360) has traveled alone to strange places, including Namibia, Australia and Louisiana, playing on sidewalks for tips, making many sacrifices while developing his intimate, nuanced musical language. With Danny Barnes and Mark Rubin, White spent a good chunk of the 1990’s as a core member of country mavericks The Bad Livers (Touch & Go).  He now performs his singular blend of ancient rural folk musics and psychedelia as a soloist. White has released two solo albums and is recently accompanying Amy Annelle in her adventurous folk group The Places.


Dang Head is Jamie Smith (and whomever else shows up).  “Folk-grounded exuberance with startling elements of random noise…an arresting batch of enjoyable songs, all right, strewn with dadaist humor, the occasional broken instrument and that unique mix of blessings an curses that can’t help but glitter in the dust”–Westword

We are excited about this intimate show and it will be a great compliment to the art we have up right now.  If you haven’t yet seen the juried show “Rethought, Reworked, and Re-Painted” along with Berndt Savig’s “Cowboy Paintings” – this concert will be a perfect time to do so.   There will be a cover at the show.


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August 21, 2007 at 9:45 am

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  1. This sounds really exciting. I’m looking forward to going!


    August 23, 2007 at 9:56 am

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