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December First Friday

Marius - December

Marius Lehene: Surface

As an Eastern European living in the United States I inhabit a privileged “in-between” cultural space. In my recent series, I reflect upon this space in an idiosyncratic way and tend to use construction materials and processes as metaphor for the simple fact that whatever we refer to as “meaning” is itself a construction and a process. Issues of memory, history, absence, transience and discontinuity appear in the work. In some of the works I use the cast of unfolded cardboard boxes as starting points or visual leitmotif particularly because they embody this sense of incompleteness and temporality.

Karl December

Karl-Heinz Dukstein: Weld County Documentary Project

I am exhibiting recent work from the Weld County Documentary Project, an ongoing project to record life in Weld County that is now in its 11th year. These large-scale panoramic color images focus on a variety of events and activities from immigration raids to pumpkin carving. I am interested in events both as dramatic happenings as well as banal everyday occurrences. The temporal scale of this project allows me to shift approaches and styles as I investigate the range of life within the county’s boundaries.

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December 4, 2007 at 12:40 pm

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