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Eric Havelock-Bailie

“we win”

from the “triptych” series

from the “triptych” series

from the “triptych” series

from the “dynamite” series

Since 2001 I’ve been taking Polaroids which typically function as sets (diptychs) and enlarging them digitally so that each image goes from an original size of 4 x 4″ to about 20 x 20″ – thus I called my last show “Ones, Twos and Threes” in part because there are a handful of individual images (four, which can also be seen as two sets), also three triptychs, and one piece which involved ten images — This was a kind of “proto-statement”: “…this work is about where I’m from, some of my travels within the US, and images which are juxtaposed because I like them that way. In the past I’ve often been inclined to cite or reference people who are highly regarded intellectuals with regard to photographic and/or art historical discourse — for example, Roland Barthes and Walter Benjamin. While I consider Benjamin to be a lifelong project — or two or three, if such a luxury existed — these images are meant to impart a kind of visual pleasure that can be experienced by anyone of any age, level of critical acumen, or background…” My recent attraction to the Polaroid format is in some ways a matter of convenience, given the demands of my work in digital imaging over the past nine years.


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July 9, 2007 at 1:58 pm

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