Sliding Door Gallery

766 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204

Mary-Ann Kokoska

“Fire and Rain Installation”

 “Fire and Rain Installation,” mixed media on paper and mylar,  11′ x 6.5′

Night Sky #2

“Night Sky” (#2) mixed media on paper and mylar,  7′ x 13′

Surfacing Installation Drawing

Surfacing Installation Drawing (full view)”, mixed media on mylar and acetate,  9′ x 16′ x 17′

My point of departure is the act of drawing itself. I simply love to draw. The following work arises from my experiments with exploring and extending the long held traditions behind the genre of drawing involving medium, format and purpose. This undertaking has taken place over the past fifteen years. My approach developed from the familiar preparatory sketch, working with fragments of images and ideas. In many ways they are about a form of note taking, intuitive body gestures, fleeting glimpses of forms tenuously organized by a rational consciousness. I consider drawing as essentially “mark making” using many tools from pencil to oil bar to dry pigment. These I apply directly, and often use a cloth or my bare hands. Inital marks are still visible amidst layers of drawing and redrawing so that the process itself is always apparent. On occasion the drawing grows into an installational collage activating the entire wall space as well as the physical space of the gallery. The support surfaces are various papers, smooth/rough, opaque/transparent, unevenly cut and loosely adhered together.

My sources for images arise from landscape and nature, elemental phenomena, and more recently the human form in motion. But my intentions are not so much subject as they are an arena for the occurrence or interaction of invisible thoughts and visible forms that I experience around me. Things appear in a state of flux, evolving and dissolving, suggesting one thing then another all in a fluid continuum.


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July 9, 2007 at 2:49 pm

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