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Artist Statement

Overall, my work explores light, transparency, the use of containers, layering, movement and often some interactive element. Materials tend to include appropriated books, reclaimed white goods and linens, beeswax, feathers, paper, insects, mica, beads, seeds and sand, flowers and leaves, rocks and wood, copper wire and rice.

December 2008 exhibit “Slumber”

Winter’s approach and ever-present manifestations of the veil are used as inspiration for the Slumber pieces. Winter’s expressions are precise contrasts and pallid tones, muddy shafts of light and surrendering matter. The veil literally becomes a veil, and a hole, and a metaphor all at once. The use of everyday linens provides a human context for the veil and its fragility. As a pall or funeral cloth the veil also mirrors the thousand different deaths of a winter. The idea of hibernation lies in the cocoon of warm beeswax. The wax penetrates the materials, activating their inner light and illuminating them from the inside out. Simultaneously, the objects are frozen in motion, encapsulated in the rhythms of a soundless snowfall.

Thank you for coming to see the show.

N.B. Beeswax is made by young worker bees (12-17 days old) in the form of scales secreted from glands on the abdomen. The scales are initially clear and colorless, becoming opaque after mastication by the worker bee. About 3 mm wide and 0.1 mm thick, it takes nearly 1100 scales to make a single gram of wax. Color varies from nearly white to brownish, but is most often a shade of yellow, depending on purity and the type of flowers gathered by the bees. It is estimated that bees fly 150,000 miles to yield one pound of beeswax.

Not including “Rose Parade”, this exhibit contains about a half of a pound of beeswax or roughly 75,000 honey bee miles.


Written by Sliding Door Gallery

December 21, 2008 at 2:43 pm

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