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Karen Bozik

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“Portrait of Beef (1)”, Oil and Acrylic on Wood 36×24″

“Emily” (Yellow)

“Emily” (Yellow), Oil and Acrylic on Wood, 36×24″

“Emily” (Blue)

“Emily” (Blue), Oil and Acrylic on Wood, 36×24″

In our current society, life presents itself as an endless onslaught of spectacles lacking any unifying narrative. While viewing screens, we receive an unrelenting abundance of data. Without a sense of unity, each image, word or impulse signifies less and less. In order to heal the wounds of alienation and disassociation, we must regain a sense of relatedness within this landscape.

The creation of pictures, for me, is a nearly shamanic device which can connect and create order from this chaos by uniting several different worlds syncretically.

(De-alienation and re-association): The exploration of one’s own experiences within the psychic structure of the culture. Threefold: ancestry, ethnicity and cosmic place.

Karen Bozik
303 458 6054


Written by Sliding Door Gallery

July 9, 2007 at 1:05 pm

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