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Kay Tuttle

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Kay Tuttle, \

“Cage”, Acrylic on wood, 2008, 4 x 4 feet

Kay Tuttle, \

“Ribcage”, Acrylic on found victorian drwing, 2008, 8 x 10 inches


“Bird”, Acrylic on Wood, approximate dimensions 3 ft x 4ft, 2007


“Coquine / Coquette”, Acrylic on Wood, 4 x 2 ft, 2007


“Collection Amusette-Alligator”, Acrylic on Wood, 2 x 4ft, 2007

Kay will be showing 2 pieces in Seattle’s Roq La Rue Gallery’s 10th Anniversary show, opening July 11.

Kay Tuttle will be showing Lost and Found, An art show consisting of paintings on wood, drawings on found Victorian prints, and a collaborative series of drawings between Kay and her father, Sam Tuttle This show will be at Ironton Gallery 3636 Chestnut, Denver, CO 80216 303.297.8626, Dates: July 18, 2008-August 16, 2008, Opening Reception Friday July 18, 2008 6pm -10 pm Gallery hours,10-4 mon-fri,and Saturdays 12-4 Coffee and Donuts with the artist: Saturday August 2nd, 12-4, 1st Friday hours: Friday Aug 1st, 6-10 pm, Closing Party Friday August 15, 7-10pm Desserts I Stressed, Desserts and Drawing Exquisite Corpses , paper and pens supplied

Lost and Found: Over the past few years Kay has been working on various found surfaces. She finds these surfaces to be a puzzle that must be solved both visually and conceptually. Also, the found imagery adds a layer of chance to the finished work as well as a sense of collaboration, either with persons unknown or her father. In this show at Ironton she will be showing three bodies of work.

Collection Amusette, the first body of work, is a series of paintings on wood with imagery based on popular culture.

The Victorian Drawing Series, the second body of work, consists of painted imagery on found Victorian prints. The paintings have a fairy tale quality with imagery of spiders, birds and anatomical symbols.

The third body of work, the Dad/Daughter Drawings, are a collaborative series with her father. Her father tends to draw very masculine things, such as tanks, soldiers, etc, while Kay works with more stereotypically female images.


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July 9, 2007 at 5:32 pm

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